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SINCERETY HUMAN ART, artistic influence by VISIONAIRS. VISIONAIRS protège tous ses textes, evénements et concepts sur mapreuve.

"All images remain the copyright of the artits unless otherwise stated, unauthorized duplication or usage is forbidden under international law."


VISIONAIRS Gallery Singapore's

open on the 63 Spottiswoode Park Road in Singapore 088651 
















NOWART Arnaud Rabier

Street artist






Artsite emblématique du Street Art, fasciné par Vincent van Gogh, le regard d'Arnaud Rabier-Nowart sur le portrait est original et d'une richesse époustouflante. Dans une communion philosophique, creative et emotionnelle, il dialogue avec les oeuvres de Vincent van Gogh et quelques grands maîtres de l'impressionnisme. Lyrisme et vitalité embarquent l'émotion et le regard. les couleurs sont flamboyantes et les contrastes assumés. Tout comme dans l'oeuvre du grand peintre hollandais, la vibrastion d'ensemble est presque palpable dans une impression de mouvement permanent. L'artiste et son oeuvre continuent de s'inviter sans répéter à travers une quarantaine de tableaux, créés spécialement pour Auvers-sur Oise. 



6th of April to 21 Septembre 2014

Auvers sur Oise - Musée Van Gogh


Discover at the gallery in Singapore

Nowart 3








"Origènes of Singapore"

In 2008, Claude Mollard discovered "Origènes", 

Claude Mollard has traveled the world, capturing and listing thousands of images as a large inventory.


The Singapore Botanic Garden is like an earthly paradise where nature expresses itself in all its luxuriance . When I entered this world I was sucked in by it, slowly dissolving myslef in the sorrounding. All my senses got awaken: multiple visions, strong smells, the leaves caressing the tree trunks.....
In this atmosphere of communion with nature I saw the other world , parallel world, where the spirits lurk in every flower, every leaf and every bark. I have been shooting for hours and I have chosen twelve perceptions, twelve faces that embody the spiritual beauty of nature, but as well the men who learns to go along with it. It is our homeland . Singapore has a soul to discover and it is worth it. You may not only fall in love with it but who knows, mayabe you discover yourslef, once more, for new.


Le Jardin botanique de Singapour est comme un paradis terrestre où la nature s'exprime dans toute sa luxuriance. Quand je suis entré dans cet univers, j'ai été aspiré par lui au point de me dissoudre en lui. L'activité de  mes sens en était comme exacerbée : visions multiples, odeurs puissantes, effleurements sensibles des feuillages ou des troncs d'arbre.
Dans cette atmosphère de communion avec la nature, j'ai vu le monde inverse, le monde parallèle, celui des esprits qui se cachent dans chaque fleur, chaque feuille, chaque écorce. Ils étaient des milliers. J'ai photographié pendant des heures et j'ai retenu douze esprits, douze visages qui incarnent la beauté spirituelle de la nature mais aussi celle des hommes qui apprennent en la regardant bien qu'ils descendent d'elle. Elle est notre terre d'origine. Les esprits que j'y découvrent sont les Origènes ce qui veut dire : les êtres des origines. Ceux de Singapour ont une âme qu'il faut découvrir car elle est digne d'être aimée. Et elle nous apprend â nous découvrir nous- mêmes. 






From the 17th of June to 7th of August, 2014

opening  on the 17th of June, 2014 

en présence de l'artiste Claude Mollard



Group show Asia//West


 Madamoiselle Maurice


Following this year in the country of the rising sun, and the tragic events of 11 March 2011 (earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear power plant explosion of Fukushima) while living in Tokyo, she decided to start composing its artistic and urban works in connection with these facts.It is based on the legend of 1000 cranes and Sadako’s story, a little girl who lived the tragedy of Hiroshima.Mademoiselle Maurice develops and creates in her mini play countless colorful works  with the fruits of a rich influences and career lessons. Via origami, or lace or embroidery, or other mixed media, she gave birth to works in tune with their daily lives.These fetishes medium are paper and thread, she loves to shape these natural materials in a complex manner.Rising from the Paris grey, so was born a nebulous breaking works with urban monotony. Real punctuation of the city as his life’s work of this young artist imaginative displays radically outside the walls of his workspace.These openly positive creations, ultra colorful and immediate demands, emanates a carousel of emotion or everyone is echoed his own sensibility. Light in appearance, the work of Mademoiselle Maurice propose and raises many questions about human nature and the interactions that sustain people and the environment. Breath of fresh air but true evolutionary thinking, artistic approach Mademoiselle Maurice opens, paving colors duality as attractive as a repulsive reality, wide spaces of abstractions in the city.




From the 12th of August to 13th of September 2014

opening  on the 12th of August, 2014 





Philippe Maniccaci

Massimo Gammacurta

Park Seung Hoon




Arnaud Rabier NOWART









"Swimming Pool"

For many of us, the word is synonymous with pleasure, coolness, holidays, relaxation—fullness even. Thinking of time spent at the swimming pool instantly evokes a pleasant moment in time, whether it is for sports, to dive into the smoothness of water or to let oneself float on its surface.
The liquid experience appeals to all of our senses. First, the aquatic blue reflecting the sky; the tiny mosaic tiles, their blue and green shades beautified by sun and water. Then the softness, the coolness of water on the skin, that sense of well-being. Shortly after, the smell and taste of chlorine, reminiscent of so many memories…
The moment is, beyond anything else, one of escape. It holds the freedom to float, sink, drift, circle back ashore or surpass oneself. Daydreaming, alone in a vast swimming pool, it becomes easy to reach a state akin to mediation, prompted by the quiet awareness of one’s breathing.
Each of Aude Gooly’s paintings transcribes an atmosphere where body and water, in communion, merge—the body as a hyphen between sky and water. In each mosaic-inspired composition, our gaze is magnetically absorbed by the blues and the greens and gets lost into the liquid element.
We sometimes need to allow ourselves to be enthralled. To stop breathing, if only fugaciously; to let an apnoea suspend time. To feel supported, transported, as if levitating in the limpid immensity. To forget everything, body and mind as light as can be. Simply, focused on our body’s feeling of well-being.
So… dive for it!










From the 18th of September to 11th of October, 2014

opening  on the 18th of September, 2014 




MIA ART FAIR // Marina Bay Sands

Milan Image Art&Design Fair





Pier Paolo PITACCO




October 23th to 26th, 2014








Born in 1978, Seung Hoon Park lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. Recognized since 2005 for the international exhibitions stylish, Park Seung Hoon graduated from the photography department of the College of Chung-Ang University in Seoul in 2009, and the photography department Shin-Gu College in 2005.

This artist casts a critical eye on cities. They go from symbols of wealth to the urban asphyxia. He tries to show the complexity of today cities through large slides composed of a tangle where the eye is lost, and through his series "Picture Writing".


Curator : Euri SEONG   


Né en 1978, Seung Hoon Park vit et travaille à Séoul en Corée du Sud. Reconnu depuis 2005 sur la scène internationale pour ses expositions stylées, Park Seung Hoon est diplômé du département de photographie de l'école supérieure de Chung-Ang University à Séoul en 2009 ainsi que du département de photographie de Shin-Gu College, en 2005.   

Cet artiste porte un regard critique sur les villes. Elles passent de symboles de richesses jusqu’à l’asphyxie urbaine. Il tente de montrer la complexité des cités d’aujourd’hui à travers de grandes diapositives composées d’un enchevêtrement où le regard se perd, et par sa série « Image Writing ».



From the 7th of October to 30th of October, 2014

opening  on the 7th of October, 2014 











Sun Mi, young Korean photographer, has a poetic and dreamlike universe, self-portraits exploring a world between dream and reality. Nostalgia of a childhood rocked by fairy tales and her voluptuous quest of her own femininity unattainable are the essence of her inspiration.








Born in Kefalonia (Greece) in 1966, Nikos Kontzialis lives in Corfu since 1970. In 1988 he starts assisting fashion photographer Monika Robl. Since 2000
he lives and works in Paris.

During a boat trip, he took many pictures with a Polaroid Camera SX 70, with which he began to work as an artist.

His own technique brings his shoot to an artistic way, appreciated particulary by collectors. Either serial prints (limited to 5) or originals, Nikos’s pieces represent a new dimension and a unique artistic point of view.

Today he works with various topics, with that unique look, making him a complete artist. Before a great success in M